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Who will Princess Alyona choose, the baker's son or the Crown Prince of the Celestial Kingdom?


Princess Alyona's life was predetermined from birth. Everything was arranged and done for her even to the details of whom she would marry. Hiding her true desires in life had become a way of life for the young royal. Falling in love with a baker's son---Gergiev---was one of the things that Alyona had to keep secret from her parents. But, is Gergiev really worth the effort and risk? What does Alyona really know about her true love? Is he the villain or the hero in Alyona's life?


An unexpected meeting that was forced on the princess might bring with it a unique relationship. A friend, or a foe is yet to be seen. But, from the first day, Alyona sees something in Prince Gabriel, the Crown Prince of the Celestial Kingdom, that she has not seen in the baker's son. She can't place the feelings that are developing in her heart for the mysterious stranger but she feels a magnetic pull that is pulling her closer to him. Especially, when magic begins to intertwine in the situation, the teen becomes aware that fate might really exist.

Arranged Love, Prequel Novella (The Power of Love Series, Book 6)

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