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Princess Melody, the oldest daughter of Queen Amy and King Darien, led a sheltered life until she met Augustine. If only love was easy but no, her love for the stable boy can turn into a scandal if anyone knew what she was hiding.
Secret meetings and stolen moments only make her secret love even more dangerous if someone finds out the extent of the truth Princess Melody is hiding. Being a royal and loving a commoner can begin a journey of danger, sorrow, and loss for the young couple even before they have a chance at a happily ever after.
Augustine is a young stable boy who works for the Moon Kingdom. His job is simple enough but the young royal changes everything. Their love is unwelcomed by society. How can a commoner marry a princess? And yet, for one brief moment in time, Augustine and Melody let their love blossom.  
But as fate should have it, both of them must sacrifice their love to prevent the scandal  from happening or risk a secret that might ruin Melody’s innocence in the eyes of society forever. Will they be able to find their way back to each other? Will the unavoidable marriage ruin her chance at true love forever?

Sacrificed Love (The Power of Love Series, Book 2)

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