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About Diana Rose

Diana Rose was born in Moldova, Russia. She grew up in New York City from the age of four.

Reading was always fun for her, first she tried reading Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Babysitter's Club, and many other books but none inspired  Diana Rose more than the first time Ms. Rose picked up a Danielle Steel novel. Then, came hundreds of novels by this famous author. It seemed there was no end to her reading list.


When she turned twelve, Ms. Rose uncovered the talent to write. She would spend hours after school and on weekends just writing for pleasure. Creating  characters and stories. At first it was a hobby, just something to do. But then, when she finished her first book, Forbidden Love (Book 1 in The Power of Love Series), things became serious. Ms. Rose began to seriously consider a life of an author. That journey had truly begun a remarkable path for her. As a self-published full-time author, Ms. Rose currently has two books on 

In the near future, Ms. Rose aims to publish two more books in The Power of Love Series and is working on a secret project.


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