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Arranged Love 
A Prequel Novella
The power of love series book six

Who will Princess Alyona choose, the baker's son or the Crown Prince of the Celestial Kingdom?


Princess Alyona's life was predetermined from birth. Everything was arranged and done for her even to the details of whom she would marry. Hiding her true desires in life had become a way of life for the young royal. Falling in love with a baker's son---Gergiev---was one of the things that Alyona had to keep secret from her parents. But, is Gergiev really worth the effort and risk? What does Alyona really know about her true love? Is he the villain or the hero in Alyona's life?


An unexpected meeting that was forced on the princess might bring with it a unique relationship. A friend, or a foe is yet to be seen. But, from the first day, Alyona sees something in Prince Gabriel, the Crown Prince of the Celestial Kingdom, that she has not seen in the baker's son. She can't place the feelings that are developing in her heart for the mysterious stranger but she feels a magnetic pull that is pulling her closer to him. Especially, when magic begins to intertwine in the situation, the teen becomes aware that fate might really exist.

Jessica Lauryn


Book 6: Arranged Love, A Prequel Novella


I greatly enjoyed Arranged Love by Diana Rose. The story begins when the main character, Princess Alyona is just twelve years old. Unable to comprehend why her parents insist she live a sheltered existence within the palace walls, Alyona sneaks away and finds herself in a world unlike anything she has ever known. And while in this strange and unfamiliar place, the young princess falls in love...with a baker's son. Her parents are very much against the match, as you might imagine. The battle between parents and child plays out over the course of five years, at the conclusion of which Alyona's determined mother arranges a marriage for her, to a prince whom she and her husband see fit. Alyona is outraged, that is until she begins to see Prince Gabriel in a light she never expected to.

Alyona is a strong heroine if ever there was one. Though young and conflicted, she does not back down once - she is unwilling to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of duty no matter how many forces oppose her will. I enjoyed following her along the intense journey of her teenage years, as a first love matures into a triangle I never saw coming. Get ready for some tense moments as a battle of wills takes us to an unexpected twist I was genuinely surprised by. Sweet, satisfying ending! Looking forward to the next romantic story in the Power of Love Series!

Aldo Scipioni

Beautifully written. A "Must Read". You'll love the character


This book was a cute read. Loved the way the history of this couple went. Loved the events that led up to who she chose at the end but it was a close call. I totally was sucked in and loved it so much I am a sucker for a good love story!!

Heather Steele

This was a good book. A spoiled princess has to decide between a commoner and a prince. Loved how it went and who she chose.

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